Monday, August 15, 2011

Be a Force to Reckon With!

Be a Force to Reckon With!

Today I ran across a piece online that stated, "Do you want to be a...Burnout? Or do you want to be...A force to reckon with? You get to choose. You really do." (NPH, 2011).

You Get to Choose

I have watched a change in the last year alone. It seems to be that people stopped believing in themselves and started believing bad items that the media has been telling them. I was on the shelf from running for a year due to complications from injuries and my last car accident. I think even I had bought into it, until I woke up a couple weeks ago and said, its time to get back. Stop being like 90% of the world and get your game back on. What was the result?

Don't Take No for an Answer

I had a week last week where I created many new events, because I refuse to take no for an answer and I want Trick R Trot 2011 to be special yet again for the kids in the community. I have heard much lately from different groups who will only show up for dinners, or political functions and to me that is not serving our community. We need to be people that fight along side the next person and help them get the job done. I am starting to believe that places are thinking more about their funds then the families that they serve. I truly hope that the clutch for funding hasn't changed focus of many groups.

A Force to Reckon With?

I have seen first hand what one person can do if they are passionate enough and dedicated enough to take on issues at hand. I hope that your family will join our fight against child obesity and look into a world of better health. It is far too easy to look the other way. I am asking you one small favor?

I am asking you to be a force to reckon with? Make change for the next generation through your actions today.

Vin Gleason
Executive Director
Therun4life Inc.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Run 4 a Rescue/ Pet Festival Cancelled

Run 4 a Rescue/ Pet Festival Cancelled

Just want to let everyone know the event on August 27th with the FLSPCA has been cancelled. Due to lack of funds and registrations the event couldn't get off the ground. Thank you for your support.

Those wanting to send in donations in lue of the event:


Please make a notation of Therun4life in your donation so that they know we are trying our best to support them!

For more info go to:


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