Saturday, October 31, 2009

Congrats To Middle Tennessee State Teams!

Congrats to the Middle Tennessee State Teams!

Today the Men's and Women's cross country teams ran in the Sun Belt Conference Championships. I started following the team because of local runner Chris Mason. Today's results are to be commended. A total team effort on both sides of the course. The men finish 1st overall and the women finish 2nd place overall!

Congrats to Festus Chemaoi for his 2nd place overall finish. I also want to commend local runner Chris Mason on his 8th place finish and incredible year! You inspire many of us locals and we wish you the best!

Men's Top 10 Results

1 Edwards, Zac SO South Alabama 26:10.91 1
2 Chemaoi, Festus JR Mid. Tenn. State 26:42.14 2
3 Cheptoek, Patrick SR Western Kentucky 26:47.78 3
4 Tirop, Micah SR South Alabama 27:20.76 4
5 Strong, Patrick JR North Texas 27:23.63 5
6 Songock, William SR Mid. Tenn. State 27:32.13 6
7 Batey, Aaron SR Arkansas-Little 27:39.44 7
8 Mason, Chris JR Mid. Tenn. State 27:42.24 8
9 Biwott, Isaac JR Mid. Tenn. State 27:52.35 9
10 Salah, Saber JR South Alabama 27:55.21 10

Middle Tennessee State Women

I can't leave out the incredible performance by the woman now that I seem to be following both teams. An impressive third place overall position by Zamzam Sangau. She was followed by teammate Marla Bailey in 4th Place. The women's team placed an amazing 2nd overall!

Woman's Top 10 Results

1 Jesang, Janet SR Western Kentucky 19:09.83 1
2 Kandie, Marion SO Western Kentucky 19:29.53 2
3 Sangau, Zamzam SR Mid. Tenn. State 19:49.09 3
4 Bailey, Marla JR Mid. Tenn. State 19:58.33 4
5 Lawson, Tori FR South Alabama 20:13.86 5
6 Feil, Friederike JR Florida Atlantic 20:27.24 6
7 Serem, Jackie SO Mid. Tenn. State 20:30.52 7
8 Chirchir, Sylvia JR Troy 20:48.19 8
9 Chepkoech, Magrina JR South Alabama 20:50.38 9
10 Radke, Jordyn JR Arkansas-Little 20:55.32 10

For more information go to:

To stay up to date on Blue Raiders information go to:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Local Running Weekend/ Run4Life Sponsor Kick Off

Local Running Weekend

As some of you asked I am keeping tabs on some local runners. Here is a link from some of yesterday's meets:

High School


TheRun4Life Sponsorship Kickoff

We really need your help to keep future events going. Every little bit will help! It will help bring the 1st annual Run4Life Dinner. Proceeds will also help bring the Majorpalooze Run4life 5k, and possibly a couple other runs this year. Thank you for your support!

Each donation will receive an official letter in the mail! Any donations of $50 or more will receive one ticket to the Run4Life dinner! It is a night out with catered food, music and more! A $20 value.

Go to for further details!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Help Us..Help The Community...

We have helped many different families and organizations in the community over the years. We are now asking for your help. We have a new and exciting 2010 on the horizon and we need sponsors/donations to get over the hump.

With your help we will have the 1st annual Run4life dinner, Majorpalooza Run4life 5k, and the possibility of two more local 5k's and a relay. In this time we also want to be able to raise enough money to be an official 501c3 organization. If that happens the sky is the limit for this community.

The time is now and we have to act today! So if all of the hard work we have done for you is important, please show us with your support!

Go to today!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congrats to TheRun4Life Team

I want to thank the following members of TheRun4Life team: Dan Townsend, Juan Martinez, Karen Foos, and Molly English-Bowers. We set out on a goal to run a fun and competitive 50 mile relay and we did! We had some bumps in the road but we had a great time out there! The course was very hilly. Almost every leg had a big up and then a big drop off the table.

The won their open mixed division by over a half an hour. The team finished 2nd overall in the entire relay out of 17 teams. Everyone did great and thank you for running for Therun4life. Every time someone runs for the project that my kids and I created, I get pretty emotional. Thank you again and see you next year!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Spice Up Your Running Video /TW2G #6

“There are thousands of degrees and variations, but it is always clearly the attitude of a person who finds his superiority in solving the complications of others.” Alfred Adler

Spice Up Your Running Video

What happens when you do the same thing over and over again? Yep many get bored. The true warriors nothing bothers them but for everyone else you need some change. Not only do you have to want the lifestyle change you have to spice it up with variations of running scenery. I spent spring of 2007 running the canal trail to find a new piece of excitement everyday. I want to share this video with you, and maybe it can make a difference!

TW2G Week #6

Last week was the sixth week on the program we developed. It was my first mile in the 5:40 range again. After that hard mile though I had knee instability issues so I have many more steps to go but I am having a great time doing it! Here is the breakdown of week #6:

Monday- 26 min warm-up, 15min speed no rest, 26 min cool down (8.5m)

(Ab Core Part 3)

Tuesday 5 easy (Optional Weight Training)

Wednesday 26 min warm-up, 3-mile tempo run, 26 min cool down (9.25 miles)

(Ab Core Part 3)

Thursday 3

Friday 3 easy

Saturday Beginning Runners will do a 8-Mile Long Run on Saturday

Advanced Runners- 5k Race/ 5k Speed Prep 2 mile warm up, 3 mile cool down

My Run Week was a bit different. My Week mileage was 37.2.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

College Scene: Three Runners On The Move

I had originally written then decided to rewrite it to put in another runner who recently posted an amazing finish at the Paul Short Run. Here are Three runners on the move with CNY ties:

Chris Mason

It's no secret that I am inspired by the running of many local runners. Many I talk to on a weekly basis and are inspired by their character on and off the grass. Hometown boy Chris Mason is one of them. Chris ran in the "Greater Louisville Classic." This race was one of the bigger races out there. Chris posted on his facebook status, "
That was the hardest and most overwhelming xc race of my life." Chris finished in 25:18 and 57th overall. The Blue Raiders finished 5th overall, which was an improvement of two places over last year! Way to go guys!

A recap of the race can be scene at

Jake "The Snake" McAndrew

I put Jake as one of the nicest and biggest competitors out there. A guy you can really root for. I personally feel Jake has only hit the tip of the iceberg with his talent. The Lemoyne website had the following blurb from the race:

Bethlehem, Pa. - Senior Jake McAndrew finished in second place(25:44) among 245 runners to lead the Le Moyne College men's cross country team to a 16th-place finish at the 36th annual Brooks Paul Short Run hosted by Lehigh on the Goodman Campus."

The rest of the article can be seen at

Erik Van Ingen Jr.

As I was going through the results of the Paul Short run. I noticed one amazing run from Erik. I have never spoken directly with him but read many of his running posts on facebook. Nice run Erik and I wish you continued success!

Here is a blurb from Binghamton U:

BETHLEHEM, Pa.-- Junior Erik van Ingen made the most of his first race of the cross country season, finishing 17th at the Lehigh/Paul Short Run on Friday afternoon. The Binghamton men placed 11th out of 42 teams in the Gold Race while the women were sixth out of 39 teams in the Brown Race."

The rest of the article is at

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fleet Feet Relay Next Week

I am pumped for the fleet feet 50 mile relay next week! We have a great team assembled and we are gonna bring home some pride to the syracuse area! Seeing I think we are the only Syracuse area team. Most teams are from Rochester area.

Team Information

Legs #1 and #8 Juan Martinez
Leg 1 10.04 miles fast and flat
Leg #8(shortest leg) 2.73 miles big uphill climb total of 12.77 Miles

Legs #2 and #6 Karen Foos

Leg #2 3.65 miles big up hill and big big down hill
Leg #6 4.70 miles rolling climb
total of 8.35 miles

Legs #3 and #10 Dan Townsend (leg #3 is by far the nastiest)

Leg #3 Dan have fun on Bopple Hill...I also gave you the anchor leg to bring it home for the team...its a great feeling at the finish. 3.22 miles
Leg #10 7.5 mile anchor leg
Total of 10.72

Legs #4 and #7 Vin Gleason
Leg #4 5.75 miles downhill..this leg is yukky LOL
Leg #7 3.93 miles rolling hills
total of 9.68

Legs # 5 and #9 Molly English Bowers
Leg #5 4.00 miles rolling down
Leg #9 4.49 rolling down
total of 8.49 Miles

the link to the course maps are at:


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