Monday, December 7, 2009

"Real Rookies" Keep a Beat on Running

Real Rookies Keep a Beat on Running

Once in awhile an idea comes a long that I just feel the need to share with all my fellow friends and runners. That idea my friends is one that was hatched up by Corey Chapman and Mike Deming called, "Real Rookie Running."

Normally you talk to runners and all you hear about is their pr's or how many miles they did in a week and for me it's the same ol blah blah. I even myself fell into that mold. When I listened to the initial podcast of "Real Rookie Running", I was reminded about a fresh look. I remember when I was in the back of the pack and not competitive and I had a love for the game so to speak. I remember finishing 5k races way in the back early on and finishing with a feeling of vindication. That is what RRR has done for me. It has reminded me about why I stepped on the starting line in the first place. Thanks guys for doing that for all of us. It has also given me the strength to remember how good victory felt as well!

What is Real Rookie Running?

I can't explain it any better than I already did. The gents will be doing podcasts about running. A look into their running, special guests and local events. It's something you really need to just check for yourself.

How to Become a "Real Rookie"

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