Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't Almost Give this Christmas

I want to start off by saying thank you once again to the many families and people that helped Therun4life in 2010. I want to thank those special few who helped us rise above it all last Christmas at this time when we had little. It made me think about those who almost do things that they say they will do...

2010- A Trying Time

2010 was one of the four difficult years that we have had. I tried to overcome adversity by running shortly after a car accident. What I found out was I literally ran myself and my body into the ground. Left my self with mental and psychically injuries that won't heal for some time. I am also a little less prone to listen to those who almost do something. I have no room for those who set things up and then don't show, who say they will help needy families then don't show or don't give. I used to be in that mold many years ago when I had some years consumed by material things. Now if I have a week I am not frustrated due to greed then it is a good week. Too many, "I'll you guys out, buddy" then they don;t show. It's all means to an end for 2011.

Don't Almost Give

Remember that anyone can say an idea is great. Anyone can say that a group or organization should do activities for kids. However they cannot do these things if you promise them volunteer time or funds and do not show up. Places like The Red Cross wouldn't be able to give blood if people did that to them. Could the United Way give to communities if they had a staff like that on board? The answer is NO. I want to thank those who selflessly gave up their time and money in an effort to help the children in our community. Your effort lead to events that were for the children only, and the kids weren't sitting on the sidelines at an adult event. Those who are in it for anything else, please politely exit stage left.

We want to thank all of you for your time, efforts and funds in 2010. Happy Holidays!

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