Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fundraisers We Supported This Week

Therun4life has pledged awareness and fund support for a handful of local charities in the last week. We are still working on the timing fundraiser and if all goes well we will be in the right direction in the coming month.

Charities We Supported This Week

Last week We supported The Tipp Hill Run and had a fun team of misfits show up for their cause. It was tough to find everyone in that crowd but the end count I had was 23 people run or walk for us in the race. I thank you all for your support!

Help Send Brianne To Kenya

My sister Brianne has the opportunity to go to Kenya. She wants to go over there and help make it a better place. They have the opportunity through our donations to drill new wells. Below is more information on Brianne's adventure:

Go to and click on the donate button. It will send you to paypal. Don't forget to write Brianne Guzewicz where it says to specify donor!

Shulzy For St. Baldrick's Foundation

Local residents and owners of Bistro One are doing a fundraiser for St. Baldricks Kids. You can find information and donation links at:

Gene Porter Fundraiser March 20th- UNC 1-6pm

We also donated soda, wine and supplies to the Gene Porter benefit being held March 20th from 1-6pm at the UNC here in Auburn, NY. Proceeds go to help Gene battle stage 4 lung cancer. Gene and Julie had children that went to Herman Avenue last year, so many of us know them.

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