Thursday, April 8, 2010

Special Thanks to the Goomba

Well it has been a while since I did my daily blog. Life took many twists and turns. Over the last year I found myself trying to recover from many things. The car accident issues and many issues with groups that just don't help people like they should. I can say even though I am busier life and the blog is getting back on track.

Special Thanks to the Goomba

Even though the newspaper did that story on my recovery and how I ran hurt trying to get back this winter. One thing many people didn't realize the toll it took on me mentally. I had just about had enough when the Goomba came along. Almost two weeks ago I brought back the run4life training program. It's a program that pays homage to the teachings of Kevin Collins and Jeremy West. Two guys I really admire. Here we are in week #2 and I am seeing Mike run and feel better. He has that enthusiasm I had when I started and look where that took me. I was taken to many great places and a wall ful of medals and memories later! So I thank you Goomba for getting me back out there! I look forward to many great runs this year!

Twinkie & The Goomba

When I was in my phase of not running I had joked to Mike that I was eating twinkies and drinking soda. So Mike starting calling me, "Twinkie!" Mike started a group on facebook called "Fat Goomba to 5k!" So I created the new Twinkie & The Goomba site and blog! (thanks Jodi for the inspiration!)

It will be links to all our sites, updates and weekly blog updates. You will also be able to see the training program and follow along with us!

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