Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Love Being Surrounded by Dumbbells

" I love Being Surrounded by Dumbbells"

It was nice to be back at the gym and surrounded by dumbbells again. No not people, but the weights themselves. I believe in coming back hard and not taking it the easy way out. I will be working out all year at the gym at Champions 4 Life. It is a great, 24 access gym, key swiped gym. You have access to every type of weight and many different type of cardio machines. Anyone wants to be a workout partner let me know. Champions is now offering trial offers to check the gym out and a small percentage that join goes to Therun4life.

1st Day Back-Workout

After about 5 minutes of light stretching. I did the following:

10 Minute run no less than 6.0 mph intervals- maxed out at 8.0mph intervals (2 min changes)
5 Minute Weight workout on arms, chest
10 Minute run no less than 7.0 mph intervals- maxed out at 8.5mph intervals. (2 min changes)
5 Minute Weight workout out arms, chest, abs
5 Minute Run no less than 7.5 mph intervals - maxed out at 8.5mph intervals (2-2-1 changes)
5 Minute Weight Workout arms, chest, abs
10 Minute Stretch and cooldown

Not bad for the first day back! I even went out and got me a new running suit after. First one in bout 4 years. Now gotta get rid of these 2000+ mile sneakers next. Special thanks to Dr. Landers for getting me in after the workout. Fixed my broken finger and helped the chest issue. Best I have felt in years.


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