Monday, October 10, 2011

The Juices are Flowing

As with anything, you need to keep your creative juices flowing and keep the character interesting. -Sarah Michelle Gellar

Congrats to Karen & Todd

I first of all want to send CONGRATS out to my running friends Karen and Todd for their marathon adventures this weekend. You guys are both inspiring and I can only hope to be out there along side you guys someday!

The Juices are Flowing

Yep that is right they are flowing. It is a nice way of channeling my frustration into the roads again. Last weeks workouts went great and my legs are feeling good and my chest situation, well it still pops at times but I am able to train through it. Below is my last weeks workout:

Ten Weeks of Greatness Week #3 Plan

Week #3 20-22 Miles per week

Monday- easy 3 then 12 x 100 meter sprints (4.5)

Tuesday- Day Off

Wednesday easy 3 then 8 x 100meter sprints (4)

Thursday 2 miles

Friday 6.7 miles yeah oops I went way long but it felt great. (50:31)

Saturday 2.65 Mile Speed prep Run on Saturday (17:35)

Thanks all for the push. Times are really tough for me right now and you keep me running!

I thank you all!


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