Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pepsi Updates/ Vins Training

Pepsi Updates

Well as you know going into right now we are #13 in the country. That is amazing and your support has been nothing short of a miracle. Thank you all for your help!

Text* 109311 to Pepsi (73774) to vote from your cell

Online at

Pepsi Alliances

As You may know we have formed alliances in the contest with other great places. We are doing this to try and move them up the ladder and they help us move up the ladder. See link below for alliance information.
Response of Suffolk County and Smart Boards for Education have fallen behind. Help them out! Indian Fields is on the verge of the last Spot! North Central Troy is Hanging tough and IMIZE is #3! Thanks Run 4 lifers for helping our partners! Keep it up!
Alliance Link

Vin's Last Week Training on Ten Weeks To Greatness Program

Week #6 26-28 Miles per week

Sunday Workout- 7 Miles Total 2 Miles speedwork Extra 600 meters

Monday OFF

Tuesday 4.5 Miles Total 2 Mile Temp Run in between.

Wednesday 4.5 Mile Run easy

Thursday OFF

Friday 5 easy

Saturday Beginning Runners will do a 7-Mile Long Run

Total Run Week. A Shade over 28 Miles Run.

Thank you all see you soon!


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