Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week #8 Vin's Training

Week #8 on TW2G

I first of all want to thank everyone for the support in my comeback. It hasn't been perfect and I have had some episodes out there but I have never once wanted to quit. Week #8 was the hardest yet and I put in workouts that would scare the average person. Though none of you reading this are average so you'll be fine!

Week #8 32 Miles Per Week

Sunday- Off

Monday- Off

Tuesday 5 Miles 3 x 2 Min Speed work during

Wednesday 5.50 Miles Added 2nd speed workout. 18 Mins at Tempo Run speed followed by 12 min hard out. Hardest workout I have done in years.

Thursday 7 easy

Friday 5.5 easy

Saturday 9 Miles of running

32 Mile week! Thank you all for the support! I won't lie and say it doesn't hurt bad out there, I just don't know how to quit!

Have a great week ahead!


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