Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From The ER...and Back to the Roads

From the ER...and Back On the Roads!

Many people have been asking me how I've gotten back so fast when things looked so bleak in April. There are many answers. The first MRI and set of scans done showed some strange stuff. A ton of swelling from the marathon and some pcl issues. Basically I suffer from a huge knee instability issue. One minute its good and the next minute it doesn't support me. So after the bleak MRI I did what doctors at NYCC told me to do. I did strengthening exercises 3 times a day. My day would look like this:

Hot Bath for knee in the morning
Rubberband Therapy/Resistance Therapy 3 times daily 10-20 reps
Cold Ice Bath after therapy
spots of weight training
much walking for the month of May...some weeks 10-12 miles of walking

Running is More Fun

Running is so much fun this time around. In april I thought it was all over. To work hard and get another chance to run with great people is a gift in itself. There isn't the pressure to be faster or stronger. It's more about the people and the experience.

Visits to NYCC

I have found the the visits to NYCC have helped tremendously. They are a great bunch of people and I can't thank them enough. I am back on weekly visits there and they stretch out my hamstrings, work with my back and other issues to keep me running. Thank you all for your help there! You are the greatest.

Thanks to All of You

I also want to thank the many different runners who offered to run with me this time around and keeps me motivated. Thanks to Anna Hlywa for extending her hand to run with them on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Thanks to Jen and Maureen for running with us too. Thanks to my mom and meg for a couple different days a week of running. Thanks to Rick Bower for the punishing Wednesday runs. Thanks to the new runners who I will run with this summer!

So I hope that explains the question. While most sit around during an injury, I worked. I worked to get the immobilizer off and the running shoes on and back on the road! Thanks all for your support!

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