Monday, June 8, 2009

A Welcome Back To Running

Last week was my first week back to running and it was a good one. I had my self slated in for only 10-15 miles max. Sorta by mistake I ran 20. Oh well. Knees are a quite bit rusty but I feel excitement about running again. To me it's not about the pain. It's about step by step, mile by mile, the one thing that makes me smile. Seeing I ran up my mileage a bit I am gonna try to stay on track with the 10% increases. So I am going to try to run 22 miles this week on week #2.

Thanks to all the Runners

I want to thank all the runners that have partnered with me. Special thanks to my family. My mom and Meghan filling in a couple days to keep me going. Special thanks to the YMCA ladies, Anna, Maureen and Jen for the early Tuesday mornings. Rich Bower for the soon to be Wednesday runs and anyone else who is filling in and keeping me going. This is painful, but fun!

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