Monday, June 29, 2009

Week 4 of Comeback Training...

An author once said, "the best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do." I say don't go around or climb the mountain. Make like a bulldozer and plow through it. Leave nothing in your path and never look back... (today's post on facebook)

Week 4 of Comeback Training

Week 4 went very well. I had a Tuesday speedwork session with Anna and Jen from the YMCA. I was supposed to run 6 x 1 minute intervals. I ended up doing 9 x 1 minute intervals. It felt good out there. I didn't have much fatigue. Wednesday was a nice 7.5 mile run with Rick through the historic Fort Hill cemetery area. Thursday was back with the YMCA ladies and a nice tempo style run. I took Friday and Saturday off to control some swelling issues and ran 6 miles on Sunday in the pouring rain. My legs are still very shaky out there put I keep pushing and hoping for a 30 mile run week on week #5. The difference this time around is that I am having fun with running. There isn't the pressure of raising money for the sick or the pressure of an upcoming marathon. I am just going out the front door and seeing what adventure lies ahead. See you all next week!

Target Race Comeback- July 18th

I realize it is a couple weeks too early but I have set my target as the Fillmore 5k on July 18th. Its a nice flat, fast and certified USATF 5k. Anyone interested in joining me on the journey go to:

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