Monday, March 16, 2009

Awards List for Majorpalooza Run 4 Life 5k

I am proud to announce the awards list for the Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k that is being held on May 24, 2009! The run will be a 2.1 mile road and 1 mile nature trail 5k. We need as many runners as we can get to defeat cancer! This run will give out 20 trophy awards overall in Open, Masters, Youth and Fighter awards. The first three categories will have trophies for places 1-3 in each division. The fighter awards will go to the first male and female finisher across the line that is with the fire department, police or prison guards. It will be bragging rights for their respective department for the year!

Awards List for Majorpalooza Run 4 Life 5k

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Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k

Beating Cancer Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday May 24, 2009

Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k 2009


The David Gleason Award(cancer)

1st Place Overall Men

Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k 2009

The Peter & Betty Ruscitto Award(cancer)

2nd Place Open Men

The Bill Holzhauer Award (cancer)

3rd Place Overall Men


The Patty Dejoy Award(cancer)

1st Place Overall Women

The Loma Ehrich Award(cancer)

2nd Place Open Women

June Lipiska-Caruana Award (cancer)

3rd Place Open Women


John Paul Musso Award(cancer)

1st Place Masters Men

The Jim Phillips Survivor Award(cancer)

2nd Place Masters Men

Keith Sherman Award

3rd Place Masters Men


Marie Skowron Award(Cancer)

1st place Masters Women

The Colleen “Cobby” Burke Award(Cancer)

2nd Place Masters Women

Kelly Lipiska Award (cancer)

3rd Place Masters Women


The Gleason Family Survivor Award

1st Place Youth Boys

The Saurini Family Survivor Award

2nd Place Youth Boys

The Weed & Smith Family Survivors Award

3rd Place Youth Boys


The Mosher Family Survivor Award

1st Place youth Girls

Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k 2009

The Kozlowski Family Award

2nd Place Youth Girls

The Crosby-Hollister Family Award

3rd Place Youth Girls

Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k 2009

Each year we want to name awards for survivors and those who have passed due to cancer. Each award shall tell a story of survival and won't just be a dust collector! We are also giving out 78 other medals that day for age group winners!

Register today for the Majorpalooza Run4Life 5k at
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