Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thanks to My Coaches

Thanks to My Coaches

Today I went and ran 4 miles. Normally that was a snack to me. Since the knee dislocation I can barely run 15 minutes. Today I was determined to run 4 miles no matter what. I ran 4 miles in 34 minutes which is amazing to me now and what used to be creepingly slow a month ago. I have been worried since my knee issue that I won't be able to finish the race. My dreams of running a 3:20 marathon but a month ago are all gone and now its how do we finish what we started? My coach Mike Ferragamo write me simply this, "You will finish the race even if Jeff and/or I have to run most of it with you."

To me that means a lot that I have good people in my corner. People that will probably carry me over the line if my knees seize up. No matter what I am lining up on that line.

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