Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What This Boston Campaign Has Taught Me

What This Boston Campaign Has Taught Me

When I got the call in November that I was picked to run Boston for Boston Children's Hospital, I was excited. Many things have I learned through this whole campaign. I have welcomed in many new friends. Some I haven't talked to in years and others that I have never met. For the most part everyone was thoughtful and honest. Some people are hurtful but those are the kind that have to live with themselves. So be it. Throughout this campaign, I have never wavered. Even when my knee went on February 13th, I didn't really give. I had a 24 hour period where I was trying to figure out, now what? Do I go on? Do I fold? Do I risk injury?

The one thing I learned is who my friends are. Those who have been hugely supportive in many ways. For you I thank you. Things for me have not been easy but I gave everyone and those children a PROMISE to finish this campaign and that is what I am doing. Promises don't seem to be something that is looked at as 100% concrete anymore for some people but I feel it necessary to follow through and finish this thing off.

I want to let you know that I am still out there training and getting treatment. I am doing all can each day to make this one time huge dream of mine a reality. I am not so concerned about time anymore, but rather finishing.

I have lived through the hard times. When my kids were ill. I think your true character shows when you are going through tough times and yet you still help others. You still take the time and do what you can within reason. I have never wavered in that stance either. Nor will I ever.

T-shirts for Boston

The T-shirts that I promised the donors for the Boston Marathon will be in by this weekend. Thank you to Splatterhouse T's for all your work!

Thank you all for everything!

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HisPrincessBecca said...

Your attitude and commitment are winners. If the children and parents only knew what you're doing for them. That's love in action, and that type of action is rare. Your pain will pass, and I'm so sorry to see you go through it, but you'll look back on this time as a time of victory, I assure you now. Keep up the great work, and keep that great attitude. People will come and go, but love is a legacy that lives forever. Proud to support your efforts! The race is already won in my eyes...go the distance, and walk, crawl, or wheel (not HOPING for that), you'll get to the other side of that finish line for those who may never have the opportunity to even run. Blessings and health to you today!


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