Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thank You to All of You That Ran Tipp Hill

Thank You to All of You

I want to thank everyone that ran Tipp Hill today. There were so many people (2200 runners) that I couldn't find half of you, but we divided and conquered. The T-Shirts were a hit and we got many many people asking where they could get one. I was shocked. I want to thank everyone. Thank you Anne for keeping your faith in me as a friend to run today and I am very proud of you and your gang for running well on a very hard course. Thank you Tracy and Adina! I am very proud of you guys! I knew you would get through your first 5k Adina nice job! You guys somehow snuck past me at the finish. I wish I could have seen it! Haley again thank you for all of your support! You are the most down to earth person on earth! I was very shocked to have caught up to you in the race. That race was tiring. Thank you to Sabrina and her son for coming out and supporting our cause. You were the only ones I saw. I know there were more of you but I never saw you and if you ran it I thank you too! I know I am not too good socially since the accident over a year ago but I am working on it. With great people like you it makes it so much better! Thank you again!

My Run

Today I was supposed to run slow because of my knee but I walked so much and it felt good for the first time in awhile. I went out slow and then somewhere I heard some music playing that motivated me. I just started kicking it in to see if the knee would last. I am not going to lie it hurt like hell. The last mile was horrible but I got through it with a little help from my friends. I dedicated my run today to my friend Jeff. Jeff recently called me and told me that he has been battling MS since 1997. I kept thinking throughout the race how he told me he cannot use his legs and it gave me some strength. The goal for today was to run the hilly 4 mile race in 36:00 due to the nature of my injury. I ran it in 28:58! I said whoa! It must be healing well! Thank you all again for keeping me motivated!

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