Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Great Day To Race

A Great Day To Race

I started this morning with expectations of finishing the certified 5k in around 22-24 minutes. I have been battling tired legs and the knee was stronger but I would say at around 65-70%. I did my morning routine of getting up 3.5 hours before the race. Having my waffles with syrup and my Gatorade. I had my Heed Electrolyte cap about an hour before the run. I went to the starting line with wobbly legs. It was an interesting start with a parked car on the left side of the road. Stupid me lineup up on that side so there was some foot fumbling at the start and dodging around the car for a bit. Once I got out I just told myself, "keep this pace" and "stay easy, you don't need to win a medal today." I got to the mile in 5:59 according to the timer. I was a bit surprised because my legs haven't run that fast in the last year because of injury. I didn't wear a watch because it just puts too much emphasis on time. My only goal for the day was to be in the top 40. No pressure on time. The first 2 miles the pace seemed easy for me somehow. I didn't even push it. Then the third mile I felt myself falling back a little and my legs losing steam. I made a huge sprint with .10 a mile to go which let me realize I left a lot in the tank and that I am feeling much better. It was literally the first race I ran in a long time for fun. I realized that if you fight for a PR every race you just lose the beauty of the race itself. So I never looked at the results board but someone told me I came in 15th and someone told me I came in 16th so it's one of the two. Either way I ran roughly a 20:15 which I am very happy to have run on my first race back from injury.

Nice Job to Jason

A long time friend Jason Kufs ran his first 5k back today in 11 years. He has been on a fun adventure to lose weight and beat a time he had in mind. He has been running well and broke the PR time he had in mind today! Nice job Jay! Way to go!

Midsummer Night Run

I think now I am going to do the Midsummer Night Dream Run at Long Branch Park on July 29th. It is a Wednesday night I believe. It is an evening run. I will pass along more info as I find it. Thanks everyone for all the kind words. It was fun out there today.

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