Friday, July 10, 2009

StrongHearts create Strong Bodies

Our Visit to Strong Hearts Cafe

I had heard about Strong Hearts cafe about 6 months ago. I found out that a guy I know named Joel Capalongo was part owner of it. Joel was very heavy into causes when I met him back in 1994 and I knew that any place run by him would have to be passionate about what it does.

A Warm Entrance

It was hot outside and when you walk in it was a nice and cool atmosphere. The set up was delightful and was exactly how I pictured it. After that my sister and I moved onto the menu. The menu was much larger than I thought it would be. I ordered a nice pasta salad and a chicken salad sandwich. The pasta salad was very, very good. The chicken salad was so filling that I couldn't eat the whole thing. Half was enough for me. While I was eating I was watching people order these giant chocolate shakes and it was crying my name, but after being so full I decided I would save some mystery until my next visit. Which I hope is very soon!

Any of my friends/runners want to stop out, I encourage you to do so! Stop in and tell Joel and the crew I said, "Hello!" For more information go to:

For a full menu go to:

Thanks Strong Hearts for a delightful visit from Auburn, NY!

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