Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week 6 of Training: Pain is Temporary

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever!" Annonymous Quote

Week 6 of Training: Pain is Temporary

This week was a very tough week on me. Everything starting to stiffen and I feel like I am running slower than ever. The knee is swelling again and personally I told it listen, "Mr. Knee enough of your crap, just do your job or your fired!" haahahaha

I am thinking for the first time in my life maybe I came back a bit early. Maybe, just maybe. Though I am not gonna let my knees stop me. If all else fails, God invented duct tape! Lol! I also realized that this is the earliest I have ever come back from injury. Normally 8-10 weeks. Initially I thought it was going to be but my math skills are very sub-par!

Week 6 training Log


5 Miles Nothing exciting to report about it. Can't be if I don't remember it!


Speedwork 16 mins running hard no rest intervals. Proved to be my mistake. Ended up being a 6.3 mile run total for the day. A nice 5 am morning run with the YMCA gang!


A nice 7 mile run with Rick. Soreness peaked after this workout. I told it to be quiet and kept pushing.


Double session. 4:30am morning run for 6 miles and then a night run of 3.12 miles. My legs called 911 after this day. They were not happy with me.


5 mile run. This was supposed to be 6 miles but the pain and joint stiffness cut a mile off. Not happy with the results but I will rest up and get ready for race day.

Saturday is the Fillmore 5k

It is nice to hear some of my facebook friends doing the race. It will give me some people to talk to. I don't plan on running my 07 time of 18:56, if anything I am hoping to be around 22:00. If all goes well it will be a stepping stone for another race 2 weeks later. Time will tell! All I want to do is get out there and race again and have fun! That is what it's all about!

Congrats to all my friends and training buddies for their great runs in the Boilermaker! Nice job gang! Special Kudos to Chris Mason for taking a minute off his time and finishing 24th overall. You make Auburn proud!

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