Sunday, July 26, 2009

Childrens Marathon A Go leaving Auburn August 22nd

Memo To Friends and Family

A couple years ago we had the idea of running to the Childrens hospital in Syracuse, 26.23 miles to raise awareness. For me it was a tribute to my children and all of those children that fought so hard. We organized and ran 3 of them. I had canceled the idea this year because of we decided to put our efforts into the 5k at Majorpalooza.

However I have decided I am going to try and do the run again this year. There wont be a ton of support, no fundraisers, no nothing really. I just decided I want to keep it going for my myself and my kids. It will be very flashy lights no newspapers, just doing it for the sake of keeping the dream alive and leading by example.

If anyone of you know of anyone who wants to set up a water stop on the day get ahold of me but I want to keep it small. Like before a couple people running for the cause to the hospital. Basically anyone who wants to run can carry their own supplies.

I want to attempt this on August 22nd, a Saturday as my sons birthday is 2 days before that. When we ran this event I was constantly reminded not only what good people were out there but how special my kids are to me. I think also reminds me of the first time we did it where we created it, organized it and ran the marathon within 2.5 weeks to look like an illness we were overcoming. Due to everyones busy schedules I may set out to do this alone. I want to keep it going annually as maybe some year it can build into something better for the community.

Anyone has any ideas let me know. As of right now I would like to leave CCC at 7am on August 22nd. If anyone needs an idea of the previous 2 years you can see the course map on the previous events page.

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