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College Running: The Snake & The Mason/TW2G Week 4

College Running: The Snake & The Mason

I've been following two local college runners from the CNY area. Both have class on and off the grass and are great local talents. Jake "The Snake" McAndrew and Chris Mason. Jake for those who don't know was the winner of the Great Race 5k. Chris like I stated a couple weeks ago in my blog runs for Middle Tennessee State. As of today MTSU cross country was ranked in the top 10. I have been blogging the runs every weekend.

Jake "The Snake" McAndrew

Jake won his first event of the year for Lemoyne and today competed at the Mountaineer Flatland Invitational. "Mansfield, Penn. - During the first annual Mountaineer Flatland Invitational on Saturday, senior Jake McAndrew (Oswego, N.Y./Oswego) placed 5th overall in a field of 49 runners as the Le Moyne men's cross country team tied for fifth place in the 10K event." (Lemoyne XC Website)

Team Results

Le Moyne Men's Results
5. Jake McAndrew (32:19.90), 31. Nicholas Cutter (34:06.50), 36. Evan Oustrich (35:06.05) 39. Patrick Micaroni (36:47.40), 42. Matthew Carey (37:43.10), 44. Patrick Shaffer (38:11.40), 45. Nicholas Sadlocha (38:24.00), 47. Josh Graves (39:27.90), 48. Justin Trombetta (45:46.70), 49. (45:59.10)

Le Moyne Women's Results
11. Emma D'Ambro (22:40.80), 16. Gina Micaroni (23:09.50), 59. Erin Hudson (25:36.30), 66. Chelsea Gibson (26:20.40), 69. Kimberly Thompson (26:35.10), 72. Ashley Myers (27:17.60), 73. Angelina Baggetta (28:06.40), 74. Anna Rich (28:45.30).

Chris Mason

I speak with Chris from time to time and read his facebook posts. He has been working hard and putting in workouts that he says are some of the best workouts he has done. He is running on an incredible team that according to the website is ranked in the top 10 in D-I cross country. Here is information from today's meet as per the MTSU website:

"Festus Chemaoi led the Blue Raider men's for the third straight week as he placed third overall in the men's 8,000 meter race. Teammates William Songock and Chris Mason rounded out the top three Blue Raider finishers. Isaac Biwott and David Emery also continued to improve in the fourth and fifth spots." This meet was an unscored invitational.

I wish both runners continued success!

TW2G Week #4

On a side note I have finished training in TW2G week #4. The workouts are getting tougher and tougher but are fun as well. It is great to do slower workouts and be faster then I was in sprinting workouts years ago. Here is a recap of my week:

Monday 18 min warm up 8 x 1 min sprint intervals with 1 min rest and 18 min cool down
Tuesday 5 miles easy
Wednesday 18 min warm up 2 mile tempo run 18 min cool down
Thursday 4 miles easy
Friday 3.12 miles mid run
Saturday 8 mile long run with second half intervals

Total week mileage 32.5. I am very happy it is only the second time I have gone over 32 miles since the injury before Boston. I can't be happier! I am looking forward to the 50 mile relay in a couple weeks!

Until next time....Keep on running!

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