Thursday, September 3, 2009

Support The Run4Life: Training Starts September 13th

Support TheRun4Life

No fancy quotes today. I am thinking of the many emails that I have received over the last couple years. If I had to guess I would say a couple thousand. I am so happy to know that the concept that my kids and I started has touched so many lives. We have created almost 100 events big and small over the last 3 years. Most of them fundraisers for different things in the community or for children's hospitals. I want to thank many of you for all of the support and ideas. I love this area. I love the fall 5k runs, the people, the places and everything that goes with each. However we have partnered with many organizations and made their charities much revenue while not taking a dime. We are hoping now for their support in keeping our programs going. As many of you know I am an honest and open guy. I have received a small offer to move therun4life out of state. One that I may take because of our financial state. I declined an offer about 6 months ago because the hard work and relationships in the community outweighed the money. Now things are different and I have to provide for my children. So in this time I also expect your understanding. I am not 100% on the decision yet but I know that as of January I will have to make a decision.

Training Starts September 13th

We have started training programs in the Auburn, NY area. The information is located at for further details.

TW2G Program

Today's program is pretty easy. It is a 4 mile recovery run. Leg's are stiff from yesterdays 8.2 mile run. 10k of it being a tempo run. I am getting ready to run the labor day classic 10k. I have never run a 10k and I want to do so to finish my running goals.

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