Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don't Let Anyone Hold You Down: Go For Your Goals

"If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else."
~Lawrence J. Peter

Go For your Goals

This will be my once a year rant. I have been receiving many emails from people in their running and fitness goals. The thing I found out is that many want to embark on an amazing journey but can't figure out how to take the first step. Some that have taken the first step are held down by others who don't want them to succeed. My advice for the day is: Don't Let them hold you down. If you want to run a 5k, then do it! If you want to run a marathon then do it! It's that simple. Make a goal (Dream), See yourself doing it (Believe)...then go out and do it...(Achieve)

Training Smart

The one thing I didn't do when I started was train smart. I would get anxious and excited and always end up hurt. It's normal for a beginner but I learned as I went. The one thing I learned right before Boston is how to train and listen. Do what needs to be done to get by and protect any injury.

Three Steps I learned are:

1. Have a good training program. I don't mean one of those plug your numbers blah blah programs from runners world either. Get a program that is customized to you and your schedule. Then you will reap the rewards. I once did a runnersworld program that did not custom to my body and it was a nightmare. Thankfully I had good people in my corner to set me straight.

2. Train Smart. Don't do speed workouts the day before a race. Come race day your spent. I have people telling me they are practically racing everyday. They are trying to get faster but are burning out. Well that is because your not incorporating enough rest in your schedule. Rest is more important that hard days. Put your hard workouts in early in the week. Easy workout 48 hours before any Saturday race. Rest and easy (talking pace) runs are key to a good workout plan. Thanks to Jeremy West for the work with the new program.

3. Listen to your body. The most important step. You can push through pain and soreness but listen to your body. If you feel like your gonna fall over out there then you might. It may mean like some newbies I know, your running too hard everyday. When you get burned out it is important to rest and renew your energy.

Everyone have a wonderful day! Go for your goals! Don't let anyone or anything hold you down

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