Saturday, September 26, 2009

TW2G Week #5 In The Books! Go MOM!

TW2G Week #5 In The Books

This new program we designed is for those who want to improve their times in their 5k-8k events. It is a program that is old school pre style with many speed sessions. It has the style of Kevin Collins and Jeremy West. The speedwork is Collins style. I love it. This week hurt because I was sick all week but I wasn't about to fold to a mere sickness. It was nice to eclipse the 34 mile run mark again for the first time in a long time. Next week will be the longest week I have run since January training for Boston. So I am very happy that the rehab has gone well and I am back improving again. I am looking forward to the 50 mile relay on the 10th!

I have to say that many have looked at the program and a couple have been a little nervous about the work on the program. It is hard but any good thing you have to work at. My mom has worked her butt off through 5 weeks on the program. The result so far is taking nearly 2 minutes off her mile in certain workouts. She is also doing the "speed work" portions of the program. Great job out there mom! Now pick a race this fall! Just Do it!

Week #5 Program

Here was a look at the week #5 Program: (I did all of mine in 5 days due to events going on this weekend. So you can arrange it to fit your schedule.)

Week #5 32-34 Miles per week

Monday- 22 min warm-up, 3x 3 min intervals, 2 min rest intervals, 4 x 100 meter sprints 22 min cool down (8m) (Ab Core Part 3)

Tuesday 5 easy (Optional Weight Training)

Wednesday 22 min warm-up, 3mile tempo run, 22 min cool down (7.5) (Ab Core Part 3)

Thursday 3

Friday 3 easy

Saturday Beginning Runners will do a 8-Mile Long Run on Saturday

Advanced Runners- 5k Race/ 5k Speed Prep 2 mile warm up, 3 mile cool down

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