Sunday, April 19, 2009

Personal Quest/ Boston Information

Personal Quest

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow is Patriots day and the start of the Boston Marathon. I have made this my personal quest this year and have faced many bumps in the road. I have never thought of not coming here. I remember reading a letter by a man that ran Boston last year. He said that he entered the race with a severe hamstring injury. He made it to the 9 mile mark and had to be bused off. So I thought about that and said hmm with my knee injury I will go into it with the same mindset. Let it rip and if something does rip, then wave the white flag when you can't anymore. I want to thank everyone. The sponsors, donors, family and friends that have stood behind me. I felt more impressed to have raised $3180 for Children's Hospital through my running. To me I was more impressed with that then being accepted into the worlds most prestigious marathon. I will do my best tomorrow for all of you!

Boston Information

For those of you tracking my run. I will be running easy as I can for the first couple miles to warm up the injury. You can go to

I am runner # 25518. You can track each portion of the race I am in and how far I am in the race. There is also At & T Athlete tracking. You can have all of the spots I hit and if I am still going sent to your cell phone!

Go to

Thanks to all my supporters! I hope I can finish for you!

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