Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There is No Magic Bag To Running: Just Run

There is No Magic Bag In Running: Just Run

I have been receiving many emails from beginning runners asking me how did I start? Some I share the info with and some I have in the past and they don't listen. The only way to be ready for a 5k is to get a running base underneath you.

When I first started running I was running 5k's in around 24 mins. I felt slow and out of shape for my build. I then got on a program that I now also am certified in and the changes happened within 8 weeks. I also was able to get good top notch coaching from Don Miller and Kevin Collins. Two runners who have master experience in their respective events.

Don't Think: Listen

When I was mad that I wasn't getting faster and more endurance about 3 years ago I was asked what I was doing. I told the person. I was told cut out the jumping jacks, and all the other crap and just run!" When I finally did this a new world unfolded. What I am saying to you is don't buy into quick fix programs at gyms or online. There is no short cut but hard work. You have to get out there and log the miles bottom line.

The Treadmill

Many fear the roads and do the treadmills. I did this when I was rehabbing 3 years ago. I was running at a rapid pace and thought I was in good shape. That March I took to the roads and got a rude awakening. Running the road is tougher. If your going to run some 5k's get out on the road a couple days a week or go to a park. Any place that you consider safe. Running the treadmill will help but will not prepare you for the road in a 5k. The test is run 5 days on the treadmill, the following week run 5 days on the road and see the difference. The third week go back to the treadmill and see just how easy it is because your legs already made a slight adjustment to the roads.


For those newbies who have been emailing me. My advice to you is get out there and run. Set up a program like this for example:

Monday - 15-30 min run Easy
Tuesday- 15 min run 90% hard run
Wednesday 15-30 OFF
Thursday 15-30 Min
Friday 15-30 Min
Saturday Off
Sunday Long run 30-45 min run slow talking pace

This isn't cut in stone but this is an example of what to do. Forget all the rest and just run! If needed I have starter training programs that I did with 1st marathon Syracuse and of recent certified Jack Daniels training programs for starters. Let me know. Though you have to make a commitment to yourself and follow through. The starter program is 8 weeks and gets you ready for a 5k. The Daniels program is 20 weeks. Yes it will hurt the first 4-6 weeks. Training isn't pretty but if you want to run better and lose weight, then thats how you do it!

Until Next time---keep on running!

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