Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Weeks 2 Greatness Intro & Day #1 Workout

“There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one's maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.” -Buck Rodgers

10 Weeks 2 Greatness Intro

A couple weeks ago I sat down with Jeremy West and started hashing out a program for vast improvements over a 10 week time period. We originally designed this for the college level athlete. I took pieces of inspiration from My cousin Don Miller and speed workouts from the inspiration of Kevin Collins. A NCAA coach who wished to remain anonymous inspired me on the core workout process that are the part #3 addition to each Monday and Wednesday workout. I want to thank everyone who inspired me to design this workout and I encourage anyone brave enough to step up to the plate and join me in the workouts. Email me anytime some workouts will be in the evening.

10 Weeks 2 Greatness: Day #1

I arrived at Cayuga Community College a bit early. The fog was sitting above the stadium and no lights so I took to the streets for the first part of 3 workouts. The first part of the workout was a 3 mile run. This was to be done at long run pace. I did it around 8 mins per mile. The second portion of the workout I moved to the parking lot because of pesticide spraying in the stadium. I mapped out about 120 meters. I sprinted 8 x this distance with a 100 meter rest interval. 100 meter sprint, turn and jog, turn and sprint. I then continued into my run for workout #3. Workout #3 is a 10 step process. It is a 15 min program in itself that is full of crunches, sit ups, push ups, chin ups etc. Its is based on time and not repetitions. For the first week it starts at two repetitions only but its 30 second holds in each position. Below is a recap of today's impact workout and minutes.

Workout Recap

Workout #1 3- Mile Run at Longrun pace (24 mins)
Workout #2 8 x 100 meter sprints with 100 meter rest interval. Turn and fire. (6 mins)
Workout #3 Ab Core Workout ---10 Steps (15 mins)

Part #3 Workout---10 Steps

Step #1 Chin up inward------30 second hold 2 time
Step #2 Chin up Outward----30 second hold 2 times
Step #3 Sit ups 25 & 75 degrees-------30 second hold 2 times
Step #4 Crunches 25 & 75 degrees----30 second hold 2 times
Step #5 Push ups Hold & Extensions----30 second hold 2 times
Step #6 Step-Ups Small- 15 repetitions per leg for 30 total
Step #7 Step-Ups Med - 15 reps per leg for 30 total
Step #8 Step Ups Large- 8 reps per leg (to be done slowly as it puts strain on the knee)
Step #9 Elevated Crunch (upside down) 30 second hold & upward pull
Step $10 Side by Sides...sorta like step ups but sideways... 30 second intervals

These steps will be repeated every Monday and Wednesday after speed work. Any questions email me or call the cell at 315-209-5044.

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