Saturday, February 7, 2009

16 Round Prize Fight

"There would be no passion in this world if we never had to fight for what we love." -Susie Switzer

Today's run felt like a 16 round prize fight to me because of battling the flu. So I decided to write a poem about it within the 10 minutes after I finished!

16 Round Prize Fight

As I took to the roads today
With my salt laden running shoes
The cold air wisps my nose
No longer do I feel the blues

Each Mile like a round
In a championship prize fight
The first four rounds were easy
I was feeling just Right

As I boxed further into the match
Through rounds seven and eight
I could feel the sickness & fatigue in my veins
The positive energy kept me feeling great

I played rope-a-dope
Through rounds nine and ten
Keeping a constant pace
Saving energy because I have a message to send

Fighting deep into rounds thirteen and fourteen
I have my opponent where I want them now
Backed against the corner
It's time to show them how

Entering into the last Round sixteen
I picked up the pace and fought as hard as I could
It's time for one last push
From the little engine that could

As the bell sounded
and I hit the finish line
I had the eye of the tiger for one more day
This moment of victory (how very small) was all mine! (GET WELL ZACK!)

Wrote today after my 16 miler by Vin I am tired now!
P.S. Thanks to the guy who yelled the f-Bombs today. Nice to see the maturity of young adults in Auburn! Thanks for helping me run harder!

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