Friday, February 13, 2009

Great NIght Amongst Friends/ Pull Up For Safety

Great Night Amongst Friends

Well first of all I would like to say,"Happy Birthday to Dino!" Last night was a fun night out and I hadn't been out with these guys in over 10 years I think. Thanks to Marc and Rhonda for pulling the whole thing together! I had a good time! Nice to see you finally out there Don Bob!

Pull Up For Safety Reasons

Well today was the first minor set back in my running. I had 16 miles scheduled for today. Around mile 4 I felt a tearing sensation so I stretched it out and kept going. About a mile later it got so severe I had to walk. Then I settled back into a jog. With about a mile to go all of a sudden whatever it was disappeared and I picked up my normal pace again with no problems. So I figured for health sake I better stop there. Normally I push through everything but I figure if my acl tears then I won't be running Boston. I figure I better be safe then sorry! Anyways it has been a good week and I still got in over 40 miles. I figure if the leg feels better I'll go back out there in a little bit. Though people have been telling me to use my brain when it comes to pre injured feelings. So for the first time I did!

Miles for Miracles Update

We are up over the $2000 mark. Senator Nozzolio sent a nice letter and donation yesterday to put us over that mark. So far I have run 325 miles over the 9 week span. Thanks everyone for there support! I am going to rest this leg up so I can represent you all well in 11 weeks

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