Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I May Be Down But Not Out

“History teaches us that the great revolutions aren't started by people who are utterly down and out, without hope and vision. They take place when people begin to live a little better - and when they see how much yet remains to be achieved.”

I May Be Down But Not Out

I remain optimistic despite the crazy week. The car was acting funny again so I took it in to the shop. I was told that they had a problem with who did my inspection? Then I told them that they did it. Dead silence fell over the room. I then found out that the person that inspected my car was fired according to them, "30 minutes" after I left. So my car was just passed on by and then when that tire blew out last week it was an indication of something going on. We could have nearly been killed because of their idiocy. Anyways it's still being fixed. Today I had a grad paper to do and then some yoga and strength training on my knee rehab. All went very well in that area. I applied the DMSO that Dr. Landers told me about and that was some interesting stuff. Smelled like rotten milk and burned my knee a bit. I don't condone using this stuff. Then the muscle stiffened up tremendously and then relaxed. Right now it feel really good and I am praying I'll be at least back to jogging for the Tipp Hill Run. So I may be down but I am not out. I will work my ass of to get back and run Boston. Only 9 weeks to go so time is of the essence. So I know what still remains to be achieved. The more important goal I set out on was running to raise money for those sick children and I am almost there! I have only $440 more dollars to raise in order to meet my goal! Very exciting!

all for today! It is only up from here!

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