Sunday, February 8, 2009

Note To Self: We Can Finally Breathe

Note to Self: We Can Finally Breathe

NO fancy quotes today. I am just writing myself a note about how good it feels to breathe again. Since Kaylei was born in 2001 and then Braeden in 2003, I felt like we never had a chance to breathe. Kaylei with her kidney issue for the first two years of life and then Braeden with the Surgery. Never did we get a chance to thank the wonderful doctors for saving his life! Thank you Dr. Tatum and Dr. Kristamurphy.(I know I misspelled it) It seemed like every time we would surface for air something would push us back under. I thought that the car accident three weeks before Christmas of 2007 was the end all. I blamed myself for my daughter getting hurt. The accident gave me severe PTSD's. So bad I couldn't attend running events. The first event I attended again was the labor day classic in Auburn. Before that I had given up. Beat up from the years in the hospital with the children, my own illness, and then the car accident. I really didn't think we would ever have a chance to breathe. My daughter showed me that Christmas what it is like to finish a goal even though you are hurt mentally and physically. I was truly inspired by her finishing her reading goal on that day. Not a day has gone by that I haven't remembered what it felt like. My intentions with have been nothing but the best. What started out as a small idea and an informational website has grown ten fold today. Though I still wish I had a clue what to do with it! I still don't have the proceeds to make it an official non-profit, that is why I run for other 501c3 places. This year though I did at least make it an official business. I have prided myself of never taking one cent for us and only for a cause. I had my generous friends in Florida offer to bail us out when we were losing everything last month. I told them to donate to the cause and that I cannot accept one cent for us. It is just who I am. I learned and taught a valuable lesson over the last couple months. That you don't need millions of dollars in the world. All you need are your family and good friends. My children and I have had some of the best moments in life of late because we truly learned what it fees like to have fun and breathe again. These are the steps that I wish upon the Saurini family. I know they don't know us all that well but we feel intrigued by their story. We feel inspired by Zack's story and the truly positive spirit he possesses. To you my friends I will box up some air for you. You truly do deserve to breathe! So as I write this note to myself, I feel happy that we now have two healthy children #1! I am also happy that we got our taxes back and my money to attend grad school. We can have our life back and be confident that we will have a house over our head and good friends to invite over within it. It has been taxing these years in school but I truly believe this year will pay off and that we have learned together as a family a valuable life lesson. I know that I am just an average guy trying to change the world, but today for once I feel like I am on top of it! Thank you all for your support over the last couple months! Without all of my friends and I mean YOU! I wouldn't be where I am today!

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