Monday, December 15, 2008

Boston Marathon Training Starts!

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is."
--Vince Lombardi

Boston Marathon Training Starts

Today is the first official day of training for the Boston Marathon 09! The program covers 20 weeks and takes you up to the door step of the Boston Marathon on April 20th, 2009! I am excited to be picked for this rare honor. I am currently running for many ill children of the area and one child who passed. My children give me spirit and energy to take on this big challenge. The marathon won't be the hard part, it will be the 20 weeks of training in central New York weather. A challenge I am ready to tackle head on and I could not do with all of your support!

Training Day #1

The coach's say that we should keep a daily blog of our runs. I am going to be doing so to not only give you an idea of what it is like to train, but for myself as a tool of measured accomplishment. Today was 5 miles easy. It seemed to go fairly easy. I finished the 5 miles in around 39 minutes. Which puts me around a 7:50 mile pace for an easy run. I probably should be slower on easy runs but it will come when the snow hits. I'll slow without trying. Tomorrow is my first speed work out of the program. So tune in and see how it goes!

Midnight Madness- December 20th 7pm

This Saturday we will be having a raffle table at Midnight Madness. The event will take place in the Finger Lakes Mall. The raffles will be held near Bass Pro in the middle of the mall. For more information go to:

A Special Thank You!

Thank You all for your support of my run! I want to spend special thanks out to my wife, Jeremy West, Jon Hickey, Steve-Pipken Savage, Charlotte Wheeler and my family for help with TheRun4life. Steve and Charlotte have been my major supporters all the way from Florida and I feel indepted to them for life!

Special thanks to Missy Gill, Jodi Saurini, Mandy Shorey McElligat, Abbey Mosher, Renee Kelly, Michelle Burroughs, Sarah Cameron, Amanda Hollister, Geoff Ianiri, Angie Nichols McKinney, Rachel Lukowitz Periera, Melissa Pertroccia, and Brian Phillips for your constant support on! Thank you many of you for steering me straight when times are difficult!

Thanks to Chris Major for your help in getting APD to sponsor me! Thank you to all of the other sponsors. So far we have raised $505 in online donations and more are coming in. Anyone else interested go to and click on the donate button! Thanks again all!

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