Monday, December 1, 2008

T-Shirts Made for My Donors/ Get Your Logo Soon!

Hi! All! I have been toying around with ideas of what I can do back for all of you that donated and those of you who are going to in the coming months. Seeing I still have a lot to raise for the hospital and another $2000 I will be paying just for a hotel for 7 days, I have decided to try and give back to you! Anyone who donated should have received a letter by now, if not it will be there soon! It is a small thank you and an official letter for a tax write off if you so choose! I am also going to try and send out postcards as well!

Anyone Who Donates Over $50 to My Campaign

Anyone who donates $50 to my Boston Children campaign will not only receive a letter in the mail but I am putting your name on my race day Shirt. In addition to that I will give you a T-Shirt as well for all of your troubles and being a vital member of my team! T-Shirts will be ready in mid March because I still have more Sponsor logo space available! I want to get them to you in time to support the run!

Logos Still Available

Right Now I have many families names going to be on my shirt. Anyone who made a contribution of $50 or more will be on the race shirt. I can't get everyone on there due to lack of size, so I had to limit it! For those of you personally or in a business that are interested in getting your name on the shirt or a logo, please let me know soon! I have to have a rough draft into the designer by January1st and the deadline being February 1st for design!

For those of you I sent the link out to and the link was bad, I apologize. Apparently some information was being moved around and the link is now 100% accurate. Remember this link is 100% secure as well!


For those who do not want to do it electronically may send a check made out to:

Childrens Hospital
C/O Vin Gleason Jr
48 Perry Street
Auburn NY 13021

Thank you all for your support! Any questions email me or call me direct at 315-252-7012

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