Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 5...Baby It's Cold Outside! Easy 5!

"I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived!" --Willa Cather

Baby It's Cold Outside

The minute I found out school was canceled, I knew I had to get a run in early when my wife got home from work. I got out there around 7:30am and, "Baby It's Cold Outside!" I had that song going through my head as each step hit the pavement. So to all the local drivers be kind to the masked man that is running through town and try not to hit me! haha

Today's Training Easy 5

Today's target training is easy 5 miles. It was about exactly as it says it is, "easy!" I did the 5 miles in around 38:47 which gave me a 7:47 pace. I have to start running a bit slower on easy days but that will come soon with the snow getting heavier. Stay tuned for tomorrows run which ought to be fun! 10 mile long run in the snow and cold before midnight madness! Missy Gill you may want to get out the hot chocolate when I am running by your house! hahaha

Midnight Madness Tomorrow

Tomorrow from 7pm-11:30pm will be Midnight Madness at Finger Lakes Mall. We will be having a table by Bass Pro near center court. We will be raffling off a big basket with a K-nex roller coaster and many Webkinz inside. It all has to be raffled off together according to their rules now. Tickets will be $1. Any other donations can be made this day as well. All proceeds are tax deductible for personal donations! We will have articles about things we have done, photos and you can come out and see us. The kids will be there with us for the first hour and then they are going with grandma. I don't want them sitting around for hours being bored! Thank you to all for the support! Hope to see some of you tomorrow night!

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