Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week #1 Done/ Midnight Madness Recap

"Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes, it obstructs your vision." --Hsi-Tang

Week #1 Done

Week #1 is done. I am trying not to let others gold dust obstruct my vision. The option for today is take a day of rest or cross train. I am choosing a day of rest for once. My body is a bit tired from the speed training last week. So I am taking a much needed rest.

Midnight Madness Recap

Midnight Madness was just as it stated, "madness!" We raised $137 in the couple hours that night by selling one dollar raffle tickets for a K-Nex Rollercoaster and many Webkinz items. We want to thank Webkinz for their donation and the rest we purchased. It will go towards the Miles for Miracles goal and should be on the website on Monday. Which will bring our total funds raised to around $642!

Roller Coaster Ride

The event was sort of a roller coaster ride. Many telling us that they liked our story and that the kids were wonderful. The kids only stayed for 2 hours after that it was too much for them so they came home with their aunt. It was nice to meet people like Dave Clifford who felt inspired a bit by our story and I felt a bit inspired by my conversation with him as well. We want to thank the many nice people out there. I admit I was a bit set back by a couple rude comments made but I understand that there are many of those people out there that don't see beyond their own ways. It is unfortunate this time of year!

Miles for Miracles 2009- What it is?

Many were asking about Miles for Miracles and why I chose it. Well I admit when I first heard the story about Zack Saurini I felt interested in the Boston Children's Hospital. I had spent time talking to his mom and now about his upcoming surgery there on February 4th! I applied to run in the Boston Marathon for Boston Children's Hospital. Not everyone can get in. I was given this special honor so I decided to make the best of it. I jumped in with a leap of faith! The hospital in ways spends around $6000-8000 on runners. (You do not see any money personally) They have wonderful events, give you a 20 week training program, nutrition advice and a big event pre and post race in April! So in return my contractual agreement was to raise $3000 for the hospital. I do not see one cent of this money nor have we or will we profit from this. If anything with our fragile financial state, I should have not accepted this honor. I have given everything I have to this community and now the upcoming Boston Marathon in 09! I want to thank all of our supporters and I invite all of my naysayers to get out there and train with me!

Enjoy your Sunday! Be back Monday!

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