Saturday, December 27, 2008

Training Day 13....Bonking on the run/ Thanking a Friend

"Pain dies quickly, and lets her weary prisoners go; the fiercest agonies have shortest reign." -William C. Bryant

Bonking on the Long Run

The simplest terms I can put it in are that your body runs out of gas. I knew I was risking it even though I had plenty of electrolytes and carbs into my body hours ahead of the run. Around mile seven, I just ran outta gas. I knew playing Wii Fit with Bachman till 2am would add to my soreness. Add in a couple drinks for the holidays and I was tired. For those who want to know more about bonking there is some good info at:,7120,s6-242-301--6263-0,00.html

Today's Training- 11 Miles Easy

Today's Training was the Long Run like before mentioned. My target mileage was 11 miles. A nice city to lake run out scenic Owasco Lake. This was my slowest run to date but one that I learned from. I finished the 11 miles in 1:37:11. Which is a 8:50 pace, yuk! At least now it's in the books and I can enjoy my Sunday tomorrow with the kids!

Thank You Mandy

Mandy I want to thank you for your phone call today from Massachusetts. Letting me know that you guys have called a meeting to back me in my run for Boston. It is much appreciated. I think many think that I am getting something out of this which I am not. All proceeds go to a 501c3 children's hospital. Thank you so much for your support!

News 10 Coverage

I received an email about news 10 covering story. They are coming out to my house tomorrow morning at 10am! I'll let you know when the story airs. This will be the last news story I am doing before Boston. Its just taking a lot out of me and not raising much for the cause! Thanks again everyone!

Until We Meet Again, Keep On Running!

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