Saturday, January 17, 2009

14 Miles Through the Auburn Tundra

Definition of: Tundra

"Definition: One of the level or undulating treeless plains characteristic of northern arctic regions in both hemispheres; The tundras mark the limit of arborescent vegetation; they consist of black mucky soil with a permanently frozen subsoil, but support a dense growth of mosses and lichens, and dwarf herbs and shrubs, often showy-flowered."

14 Miles Through the Auburn Tundra

Well I made it. It was by far the coldest run I have ever done. When I left the windchill was around -11 degrees. I knew that I had never run 14 miles in this weather. Its much easier when its spring. It felt like running through a tundra. Frozen grass and hard road beating my feet. No life around for miles. The wind was not my friend today but none the less I persevered! I ran the 14 miles in 1:59:04. Not one of my faster times but it felt great to finish given the conditions! Now off to enjoy the rest of the day with the kids!

Thank you to Anna and Jamie for your donation to Miles for Miracles last night! We are creeping closer and closer to the goal!

Get out your warmest clothes and keep on running!

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