Monday, January 5, 2009

Hill Running / Fixing Things

"For fixing things around the house, nothing is handier than a man with a checkbook" -Anonymous

Fixing Things

Normally I feel the quote above. Seeing I was broke I was hoping for an easier fix. So today I tackled fixing parts of my car. Changing a light bulb or a fuse is a major event for me. I had to get my car inspected or else! It has been dying on me regularly and won't start in the mornings. So Sunday I fixed the lighting! That was major hurdle #1. Today I got the car inspected! That was major hurdle #2! Then I put in windshield washer fluid! Major hurdle #3! Then the big kicker! I changed the battery! Woo-Hoo! I feel like celebrating! I can't too long though because now I have to get the kids from school!

Hill Running

Today's Run was a 5.8 mile hill run. I Did it in roughly a 7:41 pace. Which was way too fast but I was cranky and wanted to get the car done. I ran from my house on Perry Street towards Skaneateles through some nice big hills!

That's it for today! I am going to turn the key and cherish the sound of a starting engine! Like my car, Keep on running!

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