Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday the Quiet Cure For All

"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content" -Proverb

Sunday: My Cure

I really look forward to Sunday now. Most likely for the sole reason that it isn't a running day. I get to rest or cross train. Normally I do the later but normally I just ran a boat load of miles on Saturday and I long for some sit time. I have noticed when I am most organized and relaxed on Sunday, that my week following that is so much better. Everything seems to fall in place when I address it early. Last week was a rough week for us and I am looking forward to a new fresh week coming up. I am kinda sad that the kids are going back to school! We were having so much fun!

Sunday Training

Sunday is 60-90 minutes of cross training. Due to the tightness in my legs I have been doing yoga, lower back and ab work on this day. Trying to keep myself centered so that when I am tired on long runs, my body holds it together! Back to running tomorrow!

I hope you all have wonderful weeks this upcoming week! May each step be filled with purpose! Keep on Running!

For those who still are interested in donating to the cause go to and click on the big red donate link. All the information is there! All donations are tax deductible. I am still $2000 away from my goal for the kids. All help is appreciated!

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