Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Q & A: About the Run For Boston

"To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions." - Sam Keen

Q & A: The Run 4 Boston

Many of you have had multiple questions to me about my quest for Boston. I have received more or less more than 75-100 emails or messages through facebook about this quest for Boston I am on. I want to attempt to answer these questions for you. Do not feel bad because I have had numerous questions to the coaches and hospital staff as well. It is all about getting comfortable with what you are doing and the people you are working with! If you have more feel free to write and thank you for your support!

Q: Why Are You Running? Well I have been asked this many times. I do it for my kids. They inspired me to run for sick children in our country. This latest goal is an attempt to raise funds, awareness and conquer a personal goal. Not to mention have a new place to visit for the kids!

Q: How long is the Boston Marathon and when is it? It is 26.23 miles long and it is held on April 20, 2009!

Q: Where Can I Donate? You can go to I have a direct link to the secure Children's Hospital website that they gave me. You can make an online donation right away. If you can't make an online donation you can send a check/MO to:

Vin Gleason.
48 Perry Street
Auburn, NY 13021

All Checks made out to Children's Hospital or they will be sent back!
I or Therun4life is not profiting by this event.

Q: Are You Running for a 501c3 Organization? Yes Children's Hospital is an official not-for-profit hospital. All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive letters in the mail within 2-3 weeks following the donation.

Q: Can I See A List of People Who Have Donated? Yes you can. You can go to the official Boston Marathon Fundraiser at

Q: How is Training Going? Good so far. I have never done a 20 week marathon training program. I also have never run more than four days in the winter. With this new program I have to workout everyday. Five days of running with an average of 40 miles per week. Two days of cross training. Which I have been using Wii Fit to keep me pliable. Running in the ice and snow is very challenging for someone with beat up legs like me but I will prevail!

Q: Can I See an Example of Your Training: Sure can. I have attached a link to a PDF file my training is the lower red, advanced training.

Q: Have You Thought About Public Speaking? Yes, seeing we spent so much in our community and got little return, I was thinking about it soon. Maybe to try and actually make a dollar for my family. We are at a tough period right now and it will be happening in the future. Although I need much preparation for that and it won't happen till after Boston. I have spoken over the last two years at a couple different places for children but nothing major.

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