Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still Achieving...Still Pursuing /1000m Sprints

Still Achieving...Still Pursuing...

I found the banner above on a website called motivationalquotes.com. I was looking for some wallpaper motivational stuff to keep me going in my head each day. I thought about it. Each day since I set out on this quest. I have achieved things that I never have. My children have also achieved wonderful things. These goals that we give ourselves make each day more meaningful. Each day filled with excitement and joy once the goal is met. I say to myself, "I give 200% each day!" No matter what. No excuses that it's too warm or too cold. I once remembered a Japanese proverb that claimed, "accept." So each day I "accept" what the conditions give me and I go out and conquer them. It really is that easy once you get past the blocks in your mind.

Today's Boston Training: 1000M Sprints

The training today was 1000m sprints. 5 x 1000 meters with 2:00 minute rest intervals. This was pretty tiring on me. After the knee surgery and procedure in 96, and 2006, my knees aren't getting any better. I will say that all of the Wii fit workouts have helped condition them more. Regardless I set out today to pump it up a little bit. I am no Chris Mason with speed but I give it all I got with heart when I get out there. (Good Luck in 09 Chris by the way!) My workout went well. 1 mile warm-up, 4.8 miles workout and 1.2 mile cool-down. The 4.8 miles was 5000meters in 19:35 and rest intervals equaled 10 minutes. I was very happy! Now I gotta go ice the knees!

Until tomorrow! Keep on running!

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