Friday, January 16, 2009

Fighting the Icy Icy Chill

“And as I looked up, I was gazing on a hill, and in my spine I felt an icy, icy chill. And as I looked upon him, my heart was filled with fear. I was looking at a man sporting a funny crown, three nails, and a spear.” -Nate Ramer

Fighting the Icy Icy Chill

Well that quote above cracked me up. I went out today and battled the -13 degree windchill here on the lake. I felt many icy icy chills in my spine but I kept on fighting along. I wouldn't be surprised though if I had run a couple more miles I may have started seeing a man with a funny crown. The winter plays tricks on you but its not a reason to throw in the towel. Today I conquered the icy chill and look forward to my next battle with the ice man. Though my face is starting to get windburned!

Today's Training

Today run was 6 easy. 6 miles easy at a 8 min mile pace. I hit it right on target. Nothing else to report. Tomorrow will be the gut check. 14 mile long run in this horrible weather.

Not snow or ice can keep me down
Keep on running with your feet on the ground!

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