Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nature An Infinite Depth- 13 Mile Long Run Today

"To the wisest man, wide as is his vision. Nature remains of quite infinite depth, of quite infinite expansion and all experience thereof limits itself to some few computed centuries and measured square miles." -Thomas Carlyle

Nature An Infinite Depth

I will say that nature sure felt infinite today. It was a quiet and desolate 13 mile run this morning. I switched my afternoon run to the morning because of a snow storm supposed to hit at noon. So I looked at it as do I take the clear roads and freezing temperatures or do I wait and battle the slippery snow. So I decided to battle the cold instead. If you dress right it isn't that bad. The only thing that can beat you out there is nature itself and I won't let nature beat me. Like I just got finished saying to Marie on facebook, I never thought I would be running these distances. Four years ago I couldn't run a mile without passing out and now I am running 26.2 mile runs. It all seems so incredible. I try and cherish each moment like it were to be my last. Each step with purpose of fulfilling my goal.

Today's Run- 13 Miles Long

The run today was 13 miles. I had one mile where the cold got to me and I slowed. Of course I was going up a big hill out past the lake but oh well. When I left it was 7 degrees and -3 degrees windchill towards the lake according to So I wasn't planning any blazing times due to the wind on the lake but I did good! I finished the 13 miles in 1:46:44.

Well I am going to thaw and play with the kids! It's a miracle how fast my recovery time is now! 3 years ago I would have to sleep a day after a 5k. Now I can run all day and play with them about 15 minutes later! What a great feeling.

Fundraising Goal Update

Many of you have been asking how much we have raised so far for Miles for Miracles. As of last night we are at $802. We have $2200 more to raise by April 20th! Feel free to keep checking the website for updates at

Enjoy your weekend and keep on running!

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